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Welcome to our web site!

Here we will list some of our plants.  We don’t mass produce plants.  Our plants are limited in number but higher quality.  Since we are not a large production, we are able to tend to our plants more.  And we love to ‘baby’ our plants!

Some of the plants we offer are grown from flasks and compots.  Others are from local growers and friends.


We sell online only.  Our greenhouse is not open to the public.


We will list select plant from time to time so please be sure to check with us often.  We do update this site on a regular basis.


We offer tried and true crosses as well as new and exciting crosses.  Old or new cross, we only offer wonderful healthy plants.


We are fairly new online, but we are certainly not new at growing and offering wonder plants.

Current Select Plant:

Phal Nobby's Fox
Plants have multiple spikes!
Extremely fragrant!
cost: $55 (+ $10 per spike)

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